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Slack is a great tool for your team. You can communicate and share files, schedule calendar meetings, and have seamless project managing and team consultation.

A Chatbot for Slack

Slack, as a platform, is used by nearly 70,000 teams daily.

The chances are high that, if you work in a team atmosphere, you are using Slack, as well.

The platform, itself, is amazing, but since we live in the time of bots now, the only thing that was missing was the chatbot for Slack.

Not anymore.

You can have your Slack bot for free, and I will show you how you can make it in less than 5 minutes:

The Benefits of a Slack Bot

Even though you can manage so much by using Slack itself, having a chatbot that can help you with some of the basic tasks can be a huge help and a big time saver.

You can use you chatbot for automated responses, to find free time for meetings between you and your teammate’s appointments, forward your personal emails, and even answer emails via your chatbot.

When I first tested ChattyPeople’s bot for Slack, we used it in a separate conversation between friends to find a gift for one of our colleagues.

The Slack bot gave us a few suggestions according to her preferences noted in the messaging thread, and according to what the bot picked up from our college patterns, browsing histories and habits.

We usually use our assistant for things like this, but this time, the bot helped us with some small tasks like this, and our assistant was focusing on bigger jobs.

There are a plenty of options on how you can implement your Slack bot and how to make it beneficial to your team.

The Platforms for Making a Slack Bot

Being one of the most used platforms for communicating, a Slack bot can be beneficial.

However, there are so many expectations.

Imagine that you implement a chatbot using your platform and it makes so many errors that you lose all your communication, files and messages. You don`t want that, especially if a deadline is approaching.

So, by selecting the right platform to implement your Slack bot, something such as an Enterprise Chatbot Platform like ChattyPeople, you can easily make your Slack bot in 5 minutes.

Thankfully, you don`t need to be a programmer or know how to code, as you just need to make smart decisions.

By using ChattyPeople Enterprise Bot Making Platform, you can make your chatbot and implement it into Slack in few steps, all through the platform and just by dragging and dropping.

You are building your Slack bot, brick by brick, and the best part is that it’s free.

Final Thoughts

Slack as a platform is a fantastic solution to keep all the conversations and team in one place.

Having a chatbot can streamline that communication and help you and your team to be more efficient.

Even though it sounds scary, it turns out that bots are pretty easy to make and by using ChattyPeople Enterprise Bot Making Platform, just drag and drop, and there is your bot.

Posted by Maya S.