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Celebrities on Facebook, Top 10 Celebrities on Facebook

Celebrities on Facebook are an interesting phenomenon- seeing who has taken the time (or which celebrities’ PR people have taken the time) to create a quality Fan Page and build the Fan base is interesting enough in itself- but trying to guess who will be the most popular of the celebrities on Facebook and then seeing how wrong you are about it. The only one I would have guessed is @aplusk. Based on the number of Fans, here are the most popular:

Celebrities on Facebook

1. Vin Diesel
With over 5,000,000 (Yes, Five Million) Fans, Vin Diesel is the most popular by a long shot. His posts are candid and he gets thousands of comments on every post that he leaves. As interactive as I can imagine a celebrity Facebook page.

2. Dr. House (Hugh Laurie’s character on the House TV show)
4,200,000+ Fans and ZERO posts by him. How does that work? There is a Wall full of posts from his fans about how much they love him and his show but nothing from the actor or the show itself.

3. Megan Fox
4,000,000+ Fans for the Transformers movie star. Her page has multimedia, from glamour shots to interviews, but only 4 or 5 posts since she joined in August, 2008 and no actual communication from the star herself.

4. Adam Sandler
3,300,000 Fans, all of whom are looking at a page full of promotion for his new movie, Funny People and no communication from Sandler himself.

5. Ashton Kutcher
2,852,000 Fans for @aplusk on Facebook (beating out his Twitter Follower count!). Pretty consistent multimedia stuff, from photos to trailers to projects, both from him and from his wife Demi Moore. Thankfully he does not stream his Twittering onto his Fan Page.

6. Jackie Chan
2,685,000+ Fans. It’s mostly bi-weekly updates about whatever is going on in his life- photos and videos that have been posted since May.

7. Michael Phelps
2,600,000+ Fans. Does Facebook NOTES with photos and videos about his travels and competitions that it seems like he writes himself. Good to see someone utilize the NOTES function consistently and well.

8. Roger Federer
2,439,000+ Fans. Very active with lots of personal comments and the occasional NOTE, he recently asked for questions from Fans and got 28,000+ responses/comments.

9. Selena Gomez
2,368,000+ Fans. She is the only other celebrity besides Vin Diesel who is frequently updating with personalized messages- she has fun comments and gets thousands of comments. Great fun to follow.

10. Shaq
While not actually the 10th most popular by fans, he is a force on Twitter with over 300,000 Followers and uses Facebook just as vigorously. Rich with multimedia like videos and pictures, Shaq is as fun and entertaining on Facebook as he is on Twitter. He gets the 10 slot just because he is a social media powerhouse.

Celebrities on Facebook, Top 10 Celebrities on Facebook

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