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Some of the world's greatest CEO's have agreed to share their stories and insights into HOW TO CEO. The world changes when you become a CEO; you can fail or succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Through interviews, book reviews and knowledge-bites, HOW TO CEO will help you achieve your maximum potential and live the best life possible.
What can you expect?
An Interview with CEO Cynthia Johnson
In this episode, I welcome Cynthia Johnson, my first guest on the podcast. As the co-founder and CEO of Bell + Ivy, Cynthia talks about the lessons that kept her going as she tried to start her own company. Cynthia also reveals her favorite management books and her takeaways from them. Cynthia shares that being a CEO takes a lot of hard work. However, she explains that some personality traits can help aspiring leaders get to the top of their respective companies. Cynthia also shares her tips on how to become a stern and confident CEO.
Cynthia is also the author of Platform “The indispensable guide to developing a personal brand, finding an audience, and nurturing followers, by digital marketing thought-leader Cynthia Johnson.”
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