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Facebook Fan Pages can be for anything people can be fans of, whether it’s a person, a food or a favorite activity. Check out what Facebook top fans have found their way to on Facebook- These are the top ten Facebook Fan Pages by Fans, perhaps revealing what people who love Facebook and love Fan Pages love the most!

Overall Top Ten Facebook Fan Pages:

1. Michael Jackson 10,000,000+ Fans
Most of the recent posts have been about Jackson’s death, videos and tributes. Tens of thousands of comments and likes on every post. Great place to go for a Michael Jackson news hub. No new postings since July 17.

2. Barack Obama 6,500,000+ Fans
Obama famously utilized social media as part of his presidential campaign. Now, his staff continues to use the Fan Page (where Fans are called “Supporters”) to get news and information out. Everything recently is about his push for health care reform.

3. Vin Diesel 5,490,000+ Fans
One of the most active of any celebrity with a Facebook Fan Page, Vin Diesel somehow manages to interact with fans and keep his page updated without tarnishing his tough-guy movie image. He’s great at keeping his page updated and personal- in a sense, he could be a social media mentor for celebrities.

4. R.I.P. Michael Jackson (We Miss You) 4,600,000+ Fans
As it says, this page is in honor of Michael Jackson and all posts and conversation are in tribute to him and his work.

5. I (Heart) Sleep 4,510,000+ Fans
This page is a clever way to claim how much you love sleeping! Only a few posts since starting on April 20 and no Wall conversation. Great logo, though!

6. Facebook 4,500,000+ Fans
I mean, it is their website, so it only makes sense that the service itself would be one of the top Fan Pages. They post news and updates through Facebook Notes. No, you cannot reach any Facebook admin people through here (as far as I could tell).

7. Pizza 4,480,000+ Fans
Random quotes and posts from Pizza lovers! Classic photo of the stretching cheese with pepperoni. No posts since May 20, though. Must be out to lunch.

8. I Need a Vacation 4,380,000+ Fans
Started on April 18, this Fan Page has fun vacation news and tips and highlights a new vacation spot every week.

9. Dr. House 4, 300,000+ Fans
Mysteriously in the top ten. Millions of people on Facebook love Dr. House. No posts and no information other than a classic picture of Hugh Laurie- Dr. House himself.

10. Will Smith 4,250,000+ Fans
Only one post from the star himself on a trip to China, but fans are super-active and supportive of him and his work.

Interesting list. Something just as interesting? Guess what #11 and #12 are?
Starbucks and Coca Cola. Over 3 Million Fans each. Now that’s Facebook Marketing.

Put it all together and you may just have the quintessential Facebook user: He/she has Michael Jackson on their iPod, voted for Barack Obama, and whose ideal evening is kicking back with a pizza and coke, watching a Vin Diesel or Will Smith movie, or maybe some Dr. House, enjoying it but really feeling like they need a vacation- all this before happily falling into a long, deep sleep.

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