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Have you heard? Facebook acquired Friend Feed. In the simplest terms, Friend Feed is a social media aggregator that streams information from dozens of networks into a Twitter-looking interface.
This could be big. Facebook has about 240 million more users than Twitter, but Twitter continues to get more love from the press, possibly because it has two big things going for it: real-time updates and a toehold in the business and marketing worlds. Facebook has exponentially more users, but businesses have only recently started to use it for promotion and marketing with Facebook Fan Pages and paid ads. Twitter, on the other hand, is ideal for things like personal branding, product advertising and recommendations, and marketing of all kinds (some welcome by other users, some not so much).

It sounds from these quotes like the acquisition is a happy one on both sides:

“As my mom explained to me, when two companies love each other very much, they form a structured investment vehicle,” wrote Bret Taylor, co-founder of FriendFeed.

“As this shows, our culture continues to make Facebook a place where the best engineers come to build things quickly that lots of people will use,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement.

All quotes from PC Mag article: Facebook Acquires FriendFeed
The marketing possibilities with FriendFeed could be even bigger than those on Twitter. FriendFeed aggregates Yelp, Flickr and dozens of other networks. In theory, if Facebook integrates FriendFeed into their network somehow, marketers could coordinate products with reviews with photographs or videos in rapid succession on FriendFeed, coming from the original sites. Or space them out. Or create multimedia streams all aggregated on FriendFeed. Or they could somehow combine the demographically targeted ads on Facebook profiles with the real-time update and multi-network aggregation functions of FriendFeed.

And that is just first thought, off the top of the head stuff.

Two powerful, clean and easy to use social media networks coming together and getting ready to figure out what to do next. Could be big.

How do you think this new social media network arrangement will change the face of Facebook marketing, and social media marketing in general?

How Will Acquiring FriendFeed change Facebook Marketing?


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