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Communication, these days, has reached a new level. Companies are following the trends and using one of the best tools for communicating with teams – Slack.

The go-to tool in the corporate world, Slack, has been used by millions of companies worldwide. You have an all-in-one platform, from team communication, separate channels, file sharing chatbots and so many other things, it`s like a world of itself.

I have been using Slack since day one, and I was looking how the platform grows and improves. Today, I will be sharing 5 tricks you must know when using a Slack chatbot:

1. To Bot or Not to Bot

People hardly embrace change. This is especially true for people that are not in the group of Millennials and people who are not on the first name basis with technology.

However, technology has reached the arena where we can use it to help us in everyday life; chatbots being one of them.

A Slack chatbot can be your best friend if you are using it right. It can chat instead of you and answer your teams’ questions instead of you while you are focusing on other parts of the project.

2. Send Reminders

How many times have you forgotten to do something while at work? It happens on a daily basis, especially if you have a deadline around the corner.

What your chatbot in Slack can do is to send you a reminder of what`s on your schedule that day or what tasks are due, and that way, you will not have any duties slip, and you will be sure that you have your Slack chatbot to help you to be organized.

3. Saves Me Time

It`s happening on Slack that if you are a part of a conversation, primarily if you are working with teams, that you need to check that discussion from time to time to see if there is something new related to you or your part of the project.

It takes time to follow everything that was mentioned in that chat, and also it can be a big headache to hear that notification sound all the time.

In this situation, you can train your Slack chatbot to follow and send you a notification if a specific topic or word related to that topic that is interesting to you. It will save you time, and you can read only the important parts.

4. Keeps Me Organized

Your chatbot for Slack is your right hand. It can help you to organize meetings and follow-ups with clients and teammates. The best part is that it can work in any time zone and you don`t need to think about what time zone is good for whom and schedule it for you.

5. Finds Me

Ah yes, chatbots are excellent helpers. If you want something to be found, they can do it. Imagine that you have ten-year-old data and you are searching for one single report. In reality, you will need a lot of time and people to help you, but your Slack bot can do that in a couple of minutes.

If you train your chatbot right, it can find you old reports or old contacts, or even make reports instead of you.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots for Slack are endless resources for writing because they have so many options and possibilities.

They can be your personal assistant, your meeting and travel organizer, or someone or something who will help you to stay organized and on top of things.

It takes time to make each change, and for some of us, it takes more time than others to get used to those changes.

However, in the end, we are accepting only things that can help us to be more productive and efficient, and chatbots for Slack are on an excellent way to help us to achieve that goal.

Posted by Maya S.