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The Summer 2009 Blog Competition!


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Beginning June 1, 2009, will be hosting a Summer 2009 Blog Competition! Closes July 10th 2009. This competition is open to any blogger. You may enter as many blogs as you like in the blog contest.

How do I enter my blog?

Entering the Blog Competition is simple:
2. Submit your blog details:
a. Choose a category (see below)
b. Email [email protected] (Take out the NOSPAM) . Blog Link
d. OR use the form below
e. 140 Character description of your blog
g. Add this image to your site with a link to this page.
Blog Competition

h. Twitter “Vote for me in the @murraynewlands #murraynewlands blog comp Plz RT”

What are the Blog Competition categories?
1. Best overall
2. Mommy Blogger
3. Company Blog
4. Green Blogger
5. Social Media Blogger
6. Marketing Blogger
7. Fashion/ Beauty Blogger
8. Review Blogger
9.  Under 21 blog
10. General Blogger

How to win
There will be a voting system for first round and then the Judges will chose the best overall.

What will the judges look at in the Blog Competition?
Judges will choose winners and honorable mentions based on
(1) Content, (2) Layout, (3) Overall Quality

What do you get out of it?
1. Grow your readership: (200-500 visitors per day) will be posting about all competition participants with links and we will be tweeting links to all participants from @murraynewlands (currently at 23,000+ Followers)
2. Chance at fantastic prizes.
3. The opportunity to say you were a winner in a blogging competition.

What do I win in the Blog Competition?
-2 Gold Passes for Affiliate Summit East on August 9, 2009 in New York City: ($1800 value) for the best blog overall
-A Full Pass for Adtech London (£835)
-A portrait of you by Mari Kurisato
-A competition winner logo for your blog
-The chance to say you have an award winning blog

Blog Competition Judges

Steve Hall
steve hal
Steve Hall runs the Adrants Blog and the Ad:tech blog. Adrants is one of the biggest blogs in the US and renowned for its critical eye and sharp witty review of advertising campaigns.

Ted Murphy
Ted Murphy
Creative superfreak. Serial entrepreneur. Social media lover. Apple fan boy. Global traveler. Marathon runner. Likes to stick tongue out in pictures.

Heather Smith
Heather AKA HeatherinBC is a blogger, ambassador for the Izea network, part of the press pack for most of the online marketing shows in the US and was recently recommended to us all here by Missy Ward.

Joe Colburn
joe olburn
Joe runs the critically acclaimed Tech review website

Murray Newlands
You can learn more about me here.

Blog Competition Entrants

Mommy Blogger
Girl Scout Guide is a resource for Girl Scouts, troop leaders, camp counselors, & volunteers. Learn new crafts, songs, activities, & more!
Blogging about my life as a jumbled of mixed up mishaps but always centered around my family.
A blog about the The Stone House project and the hilarious events occurring while we try to complete this project.
A personal blog that chronicles the daily life of a Navy wife, Mommy blogger & web design college student.

Social Media Blogger
The Social Media Guide provides helpful advice and tips on connecting you to others, through the use of Social Media.
Offering a human side to social media and helping build community and your brand.
Tycoon Blogger is primarly a blog about blogging but also touches on related topics such as social media,making money online, and SEO tips.
Mac Aficionado | Mad about Macs. All things Mac and little about Windows or Linux.
Blogging Elements was created in the spirit of knowing the limitless life-possibilities blogging offers.
I’m a Canadian lady with an interest in all aspects of blogging and the internet in general.
A blog about web design and development, tools, techniques, products and relevant news.

Marketing Blogger
A whimsical look at online marketing and social media in the era of Web 2.0.
A blog that provides online marketing info with an Asian twist.
Building links between Business and Internet Marketing
The blog is founded in marketing and PR ideas, but also offers interesting commentary on catchy videos, stories and sports.
College of Public Speaking Blog London England UK.
Finding ways of making money and saving money. Its all about making economic sense.
A non-geeky daily blog helping UK industrial companies with online
marketing. Original material and commentary on posts from other

Fashion/ Beauty Blogger
Show casing wedding and portrait photography, providing useful supplier details and information for Brides to be.
Because a little decoration is such a nice thing.
Menswear Daily Fashion blog.

Review Blogger
Intelligent reviews of underground and indie music, books and films. And the occasional wacky tale about life in the Hollywood flatlands. is a great little review blog.
Everything you ever wanted to know about film – news, reviews and more.
Description of Blog: A series of short critical reviews of contemporary cinema.
Our opinions are righter than yours.” What I and you and everyone thinks is The Best. Of Everything. Submit your own by emailing me!
Bookkeeping help, small business advice, book reviews, etc.
This is my view on the world typed with love, lots of thought and chocolate on a keyboard covered with crumbs.
We watch TV so you don’t have to!

General Blogger
A struggling writer writes about her struggles with entering the writing arena.
Recipes, Tips, & Reviews from home cooks better than I am.
My blog is an archive of all my many free bass lessons hosted around the web.Loads of free content here for beginner and intermediate budding bass players!
A personal blog focusing on the fluffy things in life.
Spiritual Interpretations of Everyday Life: Offers spiritual insights on life and newsworthy items, and the purpose is to educate the readers with astute insights and humour, without converting them.
Blogging about my quest to become debt-free.
Description – Best crime site on the Internet. We look you in the eye while sucking the free time out of you. Love child of COPS and MST3K.
Everyday Photos… Every… Day… is about my life through photography. Each image is a gateway to a story about my daily life.
A general blog for everyone.
Thinking The Lions, Life… only funnier.
Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World
Read a novel the way I write it: five pages at a time!
My blog is about life after 50. There is a wide variety of categories from children to politics. I can do that because I’m over 50!
Pumukli is an old Hungarian cartoon character, a naughty little kid who is curious about everything and gets into all sorts of trouble. I’m a lot like Pumukli. I write about what I know… I’m a cop and carpenter, a husband, a father and a blogger. My blogging combines the other four.
Personal blog with categories ranging from blogging and seo to going green and & ask a Mox.
I am an artist blog.
You know how sometimes you have a moment, and you kind of wish someone was filming, so you could replay it later, and laugh? My life is full of those moments.
I always remember myself on my salient ship, sailing through the deepest of oceans and off-limits to shores always in search of something pristine, untold and untainted.

Company Blog
Helping to build remarkable places to work. Thoughts on engaging the people who have the greatest influence on the success of a business.

Green Blogger
We all need somewhere to live, we all need the environment – the area where we live put simply.


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Blog Competition Terms and conditions.
Murray Newlands word is final.
Murray Newlands can add anything else to these terms and conditions he wants.
No purchase necessary.
Prizes are NON transferable
“All entrants must submit high resolution photos of themselves to qualify for the Portrait Prize Drawing. Winner will have a portrait digitally painted by Mari Kurisato The winner will receive their portrait from Murray as a digital file. Winner’s portrait is a WYSIWYG, “what you see is what you get,” no alterations or changes will be accepted. Style is artist’s discretion.”

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