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Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools and Social Media Monitoring Tools Review

If you work in online marketing or social media, you know how difficult it can be to try and be everywhere at once. Social media monitoring tools are a powerful tool to help brands, companies and individuals keep up with all relevant social media mentions. Here are my favorite services:

Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. Radian 6
Radian6 tracks keywords across all types of social media, monitoring everything from location to sentiment and providing real-time data on a dashboard widget. They recently began integrating data from WebTrends web analytics, and SalesForce.com CRM information. The site is dynamic, clean and fun to use. I did a trial with them through as part of my research Marc Whitchurch (@MarcWhitchurch) was great to work with.

2. Visible Technologies
Based in Washington state, Visible Technologies has two main programs: TruCast, for social media community analysis, and TruView, for brand reputation monitoring and defense. TruCast has a great dashboard that enables you to comment on blog mentions you find from within TruCast, and TruView allows you to keep positive content at the top of the search engines.

3. Buzzlogic
Focusing on marketers and PR people, BuzzLogic delivers product feedback and readership statistics and enables relationship building with influential bloggers and relevant product tracking. Their “BuzzLogic Insights” focuses on engaging with influencers in your specific industry. Their new Conversational Advertising Dashboard provides an amazing tool for advertisers who want to customize online advertising.

4. TNS Cymfony
Extending the play on words, TNS Cymfony has theOrchestra Platform, a Natural Language Processing engine that uses everything you can think of to get you super-specific data. Their service can take articles apart to find out whether your product is the focus, simply mentioned, and relationships between entries.

5. Nielsen
From the company that has been monitoring everything for a long time, Nielsen has a slew of tools and webinars to get you up to speed with online monitoring. Buzzmetrics delivers brand metrics and consumer commentary from across the web and ThreatTracker gives you real-time alerts to reputation threats.

6. Trackur
Created by online tracking guru Andy Beal, Trackur is great because it offers basic social media monitoring tools at affordable prices. Individual plans can be as low as $18/ month, Companies $88/ month, and Enterprises $197/ month.

7. SM2 from Techrigy
Great features designed with marketing agencies in mind, excellent price points and a smooth interface. Best of all, their support team is always available to help and guide you as you learn the system. When I worked with them Connie Bensen (@cbensen) was fantastic.

8. Brands Eye
Brands Eye focuses on offering services to bloggers for $1/ month and small businesses for $95/ month. They track online mentions and track reputation. They have a great feature where you can tag brand/blog mentions and rank them.

9. Reputation Defender
As they say, “Reputation Defender was created in 2006 to defend your good name on the Internet.” Their goal is to Search out inaccurate/ damaging personal or family information, Destroy the online mentions, and Control your good name in the future. They offer MyChild, MyRepuation, MyPrivacy and MyEdge services. All monitor what they say, and MyEdge is about taking charge of your personal Google results.

10. Sentiment Metrics
Sentiment Metrics does similar monitoring to all of these other services, with a focus on Sentiment. Great demographic-specific visuals and email alerts whenever you get a negative sentiment mention in the press.
Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools and Social Media Monitoring Tools Review


11. Brandwatch
I am going to recommend that you also checkout Brandwatch. The have a  great social media monitoring tool with some of the best reports in the industry.  The do have automated sentiment mention. It is mid market for pricing.

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