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Blogging jobs are a new phenomenon. Just a decade ago if someone at a cocktail party asked you what you do and you said, ā€œIā€™m a blogger,ā€ they would probably look at you with a squint and quickly find someone else to talk to. These days, though, blogging jobs are legit, recognized, and a way to make a real income. There are many different ways to have blogging jobs:

1. Freelance blogging:
Freelance bloggers write for a variety of different blogs and are either paid per post or based on traffic to their posts. Bloggers who write this way are producing content either in their area of expertise or bulk content, often for the purposes of search engine optimization. Freelance writers and Experts in their field often blog this way.

2. Have your own blog:
Many bloggers also utilize one of the many free or low-priced options for creating and hosting their own blog. WordPress, Drupal and Blogger are popular formats. Hosting your own blog opens the door for advertising money and sponsorships, so rather than being paid per post or for traffic directly, you are recruiting companies and brands within your writing niche to advertise on your blog.

3. News Blogging:
There are also people who straddle the line between the traditional news media and the new blogging media. Citizen journalism is big right now, where people all over the country or the world contribute to various sites that are reporting on what is happening in real-time. This is often a contributory and community-based activity for the love of good journalism and information rather than a consistent, paying gig. Alternately, many writers who previously published in print are now publishing through a blog created by their print publication, thus creating both print and online content.

4. Company Blogging:
With blogs becoming an accepted form of communication in the corporate world, corporate or company blogging has become a new way for executives to get their message out, advertise their services or be part of the industry conversation.

Blogging Jobs will continue to evolve and change as the Internet and online industry itself changes. If you are a blogger looking for a blogging job, there are many job boards and forums, like FreelanceBlogger, that can help you in your hunt.

Blogging Jobs


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