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Facebook Marketing, 5 Reasons to be using Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing is an important new approach for businesses and brands. It has its own set of best practices, approaches and metrics and its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you or your company/brand/service are not on Facebook- go start a profile and a Fan page. Then come back and read the rest of this entry. If you are unconvinced, here are the…

5 reasons you need to be on Facebook and utilizing Facebook Marketing

1. It’s Where People Are: There are 250+ million users on Facebook. More than 75% log in to check on their profiles every day. You know where else has close to 250 Million+ active inhabitants? The United States.

2. It’s Free: Creating, maintaining and customizing your Facebook profile or Fan Page is free. Of course, there are paid options to upgrade, and the ads are Pay-Per-Click, but how much did your last website cost to design and maintain? More than Free?

3. Viral Visibility: When your company puts out messages, whether about news or events or new products for the company, everyone you are connected to will see it. If they like it, they may even post it so that everyone they know can see it. And so on. That’s powerful viral visibility potential. Again, free.

4. Demographic Specific: Because Facebook gathers so much information about its users, they can break them into specific demographic groups. That means that you can put out advertisements (Facebook ads) that are targeted to your specific demographic. Getting high visibility from the people you want to reach who are there on a daily basis and you only pay when they click on your ad? Good.

5. It’s Growing: Media attention share in most of the rest of the industry is shrinking. Facebook users are growing, and with no sign of slowing down. You have the opportunity to start marketing on a growing network and you only need to invest your time.
You can always visit the Murray Newlands Facebook Fan Page for a good example of how to start.

Facebook Marketing, 5 Reasons to be using Facebook Marketing


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