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Named with the initials of the two original authors (Piers Fawkes and Simon King) who started posting the trends they saw instead of emailing them to each other, this site is now based in New York City and has expanded to boast experts from around the world. They are constantly creating new venues for idea-sharing and post a dozen new entries every day to their blog. Inspirational and unique.

2. Springwise

Subtitled “New Business Ideas from Around the World,” this site highlights innovation and new business concepts. Both inspiring for your own innovative spirit and a great way to keep up on what is new. Good reporting and always plenty of links.

3.  Interactive Marketing Trends

“Technology has fundamentally changed how brands and their audiences communicate, not just online but across all channels. Consequently interactive thinking needs to be at the heart of all marketing strategy and interactive channels at the heart of all marketing delivery.” Great posts, great insight- always new stuff.

4. The Future Buzz

A blog all about the future of online marketing and pr and everything that means, written by Adam Singer. Great visuals, consistently updated.

5. Small Business Trends

Keeping track and tabs on just what it says, this blog “updates you on trends affecting the small business market. ‘Small business success … delivered daily” according to blog editor Anita Campbell

6. Trend Spotting

Full of marketing research and predictions, this blog analyzes internet user behavior and what is happening on the web in teh marketing world , bringing a well-informed perspective. Recognized by Ad Age.

7. Trend Hunter Magazine

Slanted toward pop culture, this blog is up on everything trends from everywhere. If you follow trends, make it a touchpoint. And they have a fun new book called “Exploiting Chaos.”

8. Know This

Know This is a PR trends blog and a great source for news and case studies around what is happening in the PR world.

9. Fashionising

They break down the fashion trends into the basic pieces- hair, makeup, next season. Fashion often predicts what will happen in other design industries, so this blog and others like it carry important information. And the pictures are fun.

10. Trend Tool from Ice Rocket

Interesting and useful concept from Ice Rocket, this page enables you to type in various search terms and hunts for results based on what is trending. Worth checking out.

Trend Blogs, Top Ten Trend Blogs


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