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Dennis Yu Chief Executive Officer, BlizLocal, believes in providing transparent local business marketing


BlitzLocal gives SMB owners all the tools and support needed to run a profitable internet marketing campaign and track their ROI. Dennis has staked his considerable reputation on the idea that business owners area capable and intelligent and will choose transparent, honest service over hype and ‘bright-shiny’ marketing.

Here are the important questions to ask any Internet Marketing company:
• What percent of the $$ spent go to advertising versus administrative cost?
• What results are monitored? And how do I see/use the tracking system myself?
• What is the SEO company’s relationship with vendors like Google, Ask.com, Facebook and others? If you hear “we are the exclusive reseller” or “google has authorized us to resell their…”, Run, don’t walk!

Dennis Yu gives some plain talk:
“There is so much snake oil being sold to businesses around SEO/SEM/PPC services; so many companies are blowing smoke and mirrors, pretending to provide service. Without complete transparency, a business owner will never know what they’re paying for or whether it’s helping or hurting their bottom line. Blitzlocal is unique among search marketing companies: we calculate and show you exactly how much you are spending per phone call received and monitor all aspects of your campaign. BlitzLocal’s team of PPC experts (many from Yahoo and Google) provide geo-modified (locally-focused) PPC services with only a 10% fee. And we’re ready to show you all the numbers, so you can see what makes sense for your business. We earn business by proving what we do is valuable.”

BlitzLocal clients say Dennis walks the talk:
“Blitzlocal was the first company to produce truly noticeable results!”
Dr. David Verbelyi

“Blitzlocal removes the ‘black box’ approach to SEO and PPC. We have great visibility and a clear path toward improvement. It’s an approach that a non-technical manager like me can understand.”
Bill Flaherty, EVP Quizno’s

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