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Meme: Viral Posts

Viral posts can be a great way of increasing your traffic / audience and getting links back.

Here is an example

Chris Brogan wrote this post which I love My Business Wish List for 2010 be writes well but it has great viral factors. He writes a post about sharing your thoughts. This is showing you the blogger how to write this kind of post and then he invites you to do the same and link to his post. Everyone who does this in the same way will be asking their readers to do the same.  

“And Your List?
Don’t write it in the comments. If you like the idea and it makes sense for your blog, write it there, and consider linking it to this post.”

I thought I would find some more resource

Some ot the most viral post I have are the interview I conduct which people market about themselves and reviews.

What do you do that is most viral, here are some people who should now?


  • Extreme John: Now this bloke is bloody entertaining. He’s not scared of telling people how it is and won’t stand for any lip. He also understands, unlike those problogger snobs, what link luv is all about, as can be seen from his 12 Bloggers that Share Link Juice post.
  • iBlogZone: This is a blog that is full of great information, and DiTesco is another blogger who is not afraid to share a bit of link luv. His post Google AdSense Webinar – Free Online Seminars is just one of  many posts that are aimed at helping others to improve the earning potential of their blogs.
  • Kikolani: Kristi the owner of this blog does weekly updates where she shares with others all the interesting posts that she has come across during the week. She calls them her Fetching Friday posts, but other posts such as 5 Bad Reasons To Quit Blogging show that she has a wealth of information to share.
  • Social @ Blogging Tracker: Ching Ya, like the majority of women :innocent1_tb: , loves to mix it up in the social networks and her posts, like 6 Twitter Lists Applications to Expand Your Network helps others to share in her expertise.
  • I’m Just Sharing: Mitch is a blogger who is all about sharing and his posts are many and varied. My only complaint is that I don’t have the time to keep up with all his posts. One you might find interesting is How He Writes Blog Posts.
  • http://wassupblog.com/why-i-no-longer-link-to-the-likes-of-problogger-and-john-chow/

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    Remember, tell people what you are doing, show them how to do it, and then ask them to do it.

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