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Skimlinks competitor VigLink acquire Driving Revenue to make them the biggest player in the space.

“The combination of the two companies has vaulted VigLink into the leadership position in the world of automated affiliate marketing.  U.K. based SkimLinks had been claiming market leadership to date.”

“VigLink monetizes Web pages by automatically changing ordinary hyperlinks into affiliate links.  With just a few lines of code (equivalent to Google Analytics), publishers can start earning money from their external links.  There’s no impact to the site and the end user experience is exactly the same.  The only difference is that publishers can start capitalizing on the link economy.”

“Driving Revenue was the original innovator in this space and has transacted well over $100 million worth of merchandise through their system,” according to Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink.  “This acquisition provides us with the ability to accelerate our already burgeoning business, as well as to bring on a fantastic team with incredible depth in the affiliate marketing industry.”

 “Quite simply, if you’re a Web publisher who hasn’t recognized the value of your outbound traffic, you are leaving money on the table,” said Raymond Lyle, CEO and Co-Founder of Driving Revenue. 

SkimLink have been the market leader in this space for a while and have been very good at connecting with the social media community I guess this means we will see the race hot up. This deal combines VigLink is backed by Google Ventures money with Driving Revenue reach.