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Chatbots are a new hot new trend in the technology now and enterprise world is looking forward to take advantage of this power. Chatbots are going to replace applications. Expectation is that enterprise businesses will take make new strategies in their business using enterprise chatbots.

Exceptional chatbots separate the line amongst applications and information storehouses. This mismatching of frameworks and trade of data makes digital security and consistence worries that make need for security a high need while selecting a chatbot building tool. Businesses should  realize the location where the information is stored away, who approaches it, also to what stages it is conveyed.

What Your Enterprise Chatbot needs to Have

When it comes to making you enterprise chatbot you need to have a strategy.
First start by answering this question:
Why are you going to use it?
How many people are going to use it?
Does your company need an enterprise chatbot?
How to make one?

Luckily, today is harder for you to order you coffee at Starbucks then make your own chatbot. If you use chattypeople platform everything is drag and drop and you need to make sure that you have ready your Q&A. When choosing your platform it`s important to know how many integrations they support, how many languages they support and most importantly do they have NLP or Natural Languages Processor. Luckily chattypeople supports e-commerce, paypal and stripe integrations everything you need for enterprise chatbot platform.


How Your Enterprise Chatbot will Help Your Business

First, you need to know that chatbost never sleep and if you have multi language support they will be your gate to the world.

Imagine that you need to post something related to your company, a flash sale, a new product or you need someone that will give your customers information repalted to your company and product, well , chatbots can do that  for you, all day in every language.

But you may ask why do I need a chatbot?

We live in era of messaging and people will likely use their cell phone to find information instead of calling #800 or searching for your location they will ask your chatbot for the information.

Imagine that your company is organizing a huge sale and you need to prepare 100,000 notification to let your customers know, chatbot can do that for your company making personal messages according to each users experience.

If you want to have business online you need to have it where the hype is. First there was web page, then app`s and now we use enterprise chatbots.


AI and Enterprise Chatbot = Match Made in Heaven

Simple bots don`t use AI or Artificial Intelligence but if your business needs enterprise chatbot than AI is the way to do it. Do you need to be a computer scientist to use AI? No,just make sure to use right chatbot enterprise making platform that has that ability and you will be able to make enterprise chabtot machine powered with AI in no time.



It`s still early to live in The Jetsons World but each day we can see more and more big brands using enterprise chatbots platforms to be first connection to their company. While still early, we can witness that enterprise chatbots will be dethroning cell phone app`s in corporate world communications.

Posted by Maya S.