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The worldwide network of Ad:tech conferences combines marketing, technology and media professionals with tools and techniques. Ad:tech is full of people who know that digital marketing is changing the way business and marketing happen. Their conference is focused on the exchange of ideas, new business ideas and getting the people who are top in their field to offer advice and opinions. In short, they are everything you want a digital marketing conference to be.

Ad:tech is the greatest place to network and learn about what is new and growing in the digital marketing sphere because it is a conference that travels the world. The San Francisco conference offers a strong community for networking with vendors, other online business people and people I know from other ad:tech conferences.

As always, the exhibit hall was full of vendors with the best and the latest in digital marketing.It was like walking into the most creative, alive office I’ve ever been to. There were people there for search marketing, metrics analysis, advertising technology, mobile marketing, affiliate program management, and the most advanced data analytics.

They had keynote speakers who offered perspective and inspiration from the executive level, panel discussions on everything from best practices to new business opportunities, and workshops that gave me ideas I’ll be utilizing next week. The keynote presenters on Day 1 this year were powerhouses of creative, game-changing marketing ideas. We were able to see Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, and Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu.

In a word: Amazing. I’ll be writing more about my time at ad:tech in future posts, so stay tuned.