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You can find chatbots in every window these days. They represent your first contact with teach brand and more and more people are using chatbots for its personal use.

But how everything started?

Trigger point was a bad experience in customer service sector. People were waiting for so long on #800 phones and selecting from menu 1, option 2, enter your contact name and so on so at the end customer service agent could call and say I can`t help.

Chatbots were created to help, and they have one goal – find the solution.

Seeing it`s availability big-name companies are the ones that first adopted chatbots, from makeup to game and movie promotion to even big bank branches are using chatbots.
Chatbots can help you with shopping and have that celebrity concierge feeling because they are monitoring your shopping habits and chatbots can recommend products according to your shopping patterns. Colors, size, material and so on. Chatbots can even drive you through purchase and payments tunnel which for businesses may lead to the more significant sale.
Being one thing that people find useful chatbots have evolved from simple customer service simple answering to helping to big banking branches.

What chatbots are doing in everyday life is helping humans to be more productive. You may ask how.

Chatbots are as we said in every corner of our life if we need to open the bank account or send and withdraw money every bank now has a chatbot that can help us. More so, chatbots in some banking sectors are acting as financial adviser and all of that while people are on the go and using their cell phones.

One of the biggest filed where chatbots have big success is marketing. Disney and Sephora – two major brands were the first one to discover the opportunities that chatbots have. Since using the chatbots in their company as every day and first point with customers, Sephora has reported 75% of increasing the revenue and Disney had a big success with chatbot game they had when promoting their new movie.

Chatbots have the full range of usage. Today they can be your first point when going to some luxurious hotel. You can order food or request more information about the resort.
Chatbots are not just for retail; they have the full range of use cases. You can find chatbots that give health advice, legal advice or chatbots that can help you to stay productive.

Final Thoughts

Why people still use chatbots and why they are still hot subject?
It`s the simple answer. Chatbots are easy to use, don`t request any downloading or unique skills to make them and communicate with them and that is why it makes them number one tool to use when interacting with customers.

Also, as we said earlier, chatbots are not just for sales and retail in general. Some companies are using chatbots to onboard new employees and are the point of help for new employees.
Options are limitless just think outside the box.

Posted by Maya S.