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Email marketing is a powerful tool for affiliate email marketing, lead generation and Ecommerce. You may be considering an affiliate email marketing campaign but aren’t quite sure. If so, here is why I think you should strongly consider creating an Email marketing campaign:

1. Cost: Email Marketing is an inexpensive way to distribute information to a large number of possible customers. The costs and logistics of traditional paper mailings are just not worth it. Email marketing is cost-effective and allows you to expand your customer base without significantly expanding your cost for materials.

2. It’s Green! As a green affiliate marketer myself, I love the fact that Email marketing is paperless and green. Being able to market a green product or Ebook through an environmentally responsible method is both an advantage and a way to live the message.

3. Tracking: Email marketing enables specific, trackable results so you know how well your message reaches your potential customers and who is responding to your message. With paper mailings it is impossible to know who responds to your message, and tracking Internet advertisements can also be difficult. With Email marketing, you know with certainty who responds to your message.

4. First Contact: Email marketing is a fantastic proactive marketing tool. Ecommerce sites do a great job of setting up the basis for a successful Internet marketing business, but in themselves they don’t make first contact with customers. Email marketing makes that first contact.

5. Follow Up: Email marketing is the ideal way to follow up with customers who have visited your Ecommerce site and signed up to receive emails from you. Once people visit a site, they often don’t come back frequently. Email marketing is the ideal tool to remind people who have already responded positively to your site that you have new and exciting products.  going on.

If you are interested in learning more about Email marketing, I would love to talk with you. Please contact me at [email protected] or find me on Twitter: @murraynewlands.