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If you have an affiliate marketing program and you want to promote it via an affiliate marketing program blog. Promoting the blog is different from promoting your affiliate products, affiliate network and your whole affiliate marketing program. You are not selling a product or generating leads, you are cultivating an audience, connecting with other people in the blog world and creating an online reputation.

Here are a few ways to start promoting your affilate marketing program blog:

1.    Social Media Profiles
In a world of networking where you often meet people online and carry on communication and a relationship there without meeting in person, it is important to have your best foot forward in your social media/ online profiles. Definitely be on Linked In. Be on Facebook. And give your profiles on these sites more than passing attention- rather than just Googling a person or company anymore, people often search for profiles of names associated with new companies. If the people in your affiliate marketing program don’t have profiles, they can’t be found. If they do have profiles, make sure they are filled out and professional.

2.    Active Profile Networking
Once you have those profiles filled out and professional, you should get everyone in your affiliate marketing program to start actively networking. Make connections and give/get Recommendations on Linked In. Friend people and start Connecting on Facebook. Actively linking your profiles to other online profiles will exponentially build the network of your affiliate marketing program.

3.    Email Introductions
It isn’t just all about the profiles, though. With the evolution of social media, email has become somewhat formal! If there are bloggers you want to get to know, email them and introduce yourself. If there are other affiliates or affiliate networks you want to work with, an email introduction making clear what you are looking for and who you are can be a solid start to growing your affiliate marketing program network on solid relationships.

4.    Commenting
If you blog, you know how good it is to get comments. If you have an affiliate marketing program blog, comments mean people are reading what you say and find it engaging enough to add their own thoughts. If you want to begin a relationship with another blogger, in addition to linking profiles and introducing yourself on email, start commenting on their blog. Don’t just comment there and drop links- that will alienate them. Comment and add value to their article. If they see that you are taking the time to read and comment on their stuff they are far more likely to take the time to read your affiliate marketing program blog.

5.    Adding Targeted Value
Write blog entries that position your affiliate marketing program in a specific niche. Then, send them or send links to them to specific people who you want to read them. Ideally you have been building online relationships using the tactics I just talked about and you have a network of people who already know your affiliate marketing program to contact.

With all of these, Stay Active! Be Consistent!  Once you start relationships, make sure you keep them up. Online communities are powerful and need to be maintained just like personal relationships.

I wish you and your affiliate marketing program Happy Blogging!