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In “How to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Program Blog” Part 1 I talked about how to utilize online networking. Utilizing online networking is important and will go a long way toward connecting you with other bloggers. Here are some things you can do and approaches you can take while you are building those connections:

1. Establish Yourself:
First and foremost, your affiliate marketing program blog will have to establish itself, or if it is your personal blog within an affiliate marketing program or network, you will have to establish yourself. This means creating quality content on a consistent basis. As you build a blog full of quality content and begin contacting other bloggers through the techniques I talked about in Part 1 you will begin to establish yourself as a blogger worth connecting with and an affiliate marketing program worth being associated with.

2. Give, Give, Give:
In your affiliate marketing program blog, make sure you are adding value and creating content that readers can use. It’s not just about making a marketing case or a sales pitch with each post, or about creating SEO content so people will find you and click on your banners. With bloggers, if you want to start networking you need to be giving with your information and advice within the niche of your affiliate marketing program.

3. Be Patient:
Establishing yourself will take work, and establishing your affiliate marketing program blog within a niche or as a good site within an affiliate network will take time. You won’t see immediate results, but do everything you can as far as adding value and creating good content so that when you do start to make connections and get attention people will view your affiliate marketing program blog as quality. With patience you will build a solid foundation on which to grow your affiliate marketing program network.

4. Contact Growing Bloggers, not just the Big Guys
Contact other bloggers who are growing their own sites as much or more than people who you would consider the “Big Guys.” Why? Because the Big Guys are established, they give-give-give, and they are approached by people all the time who want to connect with them. Other bloggers who are growing and know what they are doing will be looking for connections and partnerships just like you and will often be more apt to put time and energy into a connection with you and your affiliate marketing program blog.

5. Be Persistent
Bloggers are busy people and they are contacted by people with ideas and people looking for exposure all the time. Sending one email or leaving one comment from your affiliate marketing program is often not enough. Being persistent doesn’t mean sending something everyday or a lot of correspondence all at once- it means contact, comment, comment some more and then contact again, maybe through a different avenue like Twitter or in a forum. The key is to stay at it and keep your message consistent.