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In “How to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Program Blog” Part 2 I talked about what to work on while you begin your online networking. This post continues with even more suggestions about what to do to promote your blog.

6. Ask Questions
Asking questions is a great way to get people to talk to you and a great way to learn about them. The more you know, the more chance there is you can find a connection between their projects or what they blog about and your affiliate marketing program. Also, it establishes you as a listener who isn’t completely focused on your own agenda, which is a powerful angle to take when you are networking.

7. Be a Go-To Blogger
This is similar to establishing your reputation in general, but it focuses on one thing within your niche. If your affiliate marketing program has an array of products and you write about a wide variety of topics on your blog, that’s good. But it is also good an powerful to become the “go-to” blogger about something specific. That way, once you start networking and asking questions of your own, people will be able to ask you questions, which gives you an opportunity to build your reputation, connect on a new level, and be an ambassador for your affiliate marketing program.

8. Have a Profile Statement
In the online world, short and direct is good. You should have a solid, short, effective profile statement that stays the same across all of your online profiles and shows up in your affiliate marketing program blog. This will identify you and your affiliate marketing program as a dedicated and focused player in a particular niche, which goes a long way toward establishing your reputation when someone new finds your profile or blog.

9. Make Connections that Aren’t Obvious
Yes, establish yourself in your niche and go at it full-force. But along the way look to interact with bloggers who aren’t at the center of your radar. Most of the people who are doing exactly what you are doing are competing with you for business. There are, however, lots of other bloggers and affiliate marketing programs who are doing things with products that are similar or have some points of crossover. Look for bloggers who write about topics that brush up with your niche or who have personal interests that they don’t necessarily blog about but match your product line or the niche of your affiliate marketing program.

10. Stay Consistent
You could do all of the suggestions I’ve just made and start growing the blog for your affiliate marketing program just fine- but if you start slacking off and leaning back just when you start getting momentum it will backfire and all that work will be lost or end up hurting you in the blog world. If you want your affiliate marketing program blog to be successful, start with the strategies I’ve been writing about and with all of them STAY CONSISTENT!