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London Marketing and PR company Bull Creative Ltd / Bull Marketing and PR run by Delia Bull now Delia Debenham is an integrated London full service agency that helps companies grow. They have an in-house design team and specialize in advertising, Internet marketing and E-commerce websites. As part of my continuing interest in website design in and around London, I wanted to highlight their site as a great example of how to put together a professional, effective website.

The site is professional, makes a lasting impression and is structured for easy navigation.
The active header at the top of the welcome page cycles key terms about what they do and a bull graphic with the tagline, “Go on, Grab the Bull by the horns.” This is both professional and fun, leaving visitors with a lasting impression.

The two most prominent links are “Call Me” and “Portfolio.” Call Me leads to a simple contact request form that allows you to request a call from Bull during a specific time period- great customer service before you even meet them. Portfolio is an instant PDF download that gives a beautiful, professional sampling of 13 projects from their range of work.

The content breaks down into News and Articles about recent work and straightforward descriptions of services. The News and Articles go into detail about successful campaigns and highlight satisfied customers. Their service descriptions break down into London Marketing, London Public Relations, London Design, and London Internet Marketing. The services are presented in a professional, straightforward way that tells you want you need to know and shows that Bull is a leader in their field.
In a recent post I also talked about three key areas to look at in website design: visual appeal, creativity, and function. Bull Marketing’s BullUk.com has all of this and more.

Visual Appeal: The site’s visual appeal is immediate- it has a great color scheme that blends blues and purples to create an attractive, professional feel. There is an active banner bar that blends core statements about what they do with their message to “Grab the bull by the horns.” The rest of the page is a clear mission statement with background on what they do and how to learn more- everything you look for in a homepage.

Creativity: The active banner makes creative use of images and graphic animation in a way that makes a statement without distracting from the site. They even have their contact link, “Call Me” flashing. This is a creative way to make sure that visitors don’t need to hunt for contact information, which seems to be the case on so many other websites.

Function: The site has straightforward navigation that makes it easy to learn more about Bull Marketing and PR from several angles. There is a pull-down navigation menu for the site, and instead of crowding the side of the page with links they display them at the bottom. They display links to “News & Articles,” which is a great strategic move that invites visitors to first learn about them through posts that add value.

I highly recommend visiting www.BullUk.com as an example of top quality London web design. And if you are looking for E-commerce, Internet marketing or other PR services, they should be your first call.

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