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This new version does some new things: it fixes the memory leaks, enables shortURL previews and, very cool, shows TwitPic previews.

The memory leak fix is fantastic because now TweetDeck will not use so much memory and you don’t have to restart it anymore to get memory back for other programs.

The shortURL preview basically shows you the full URL to tell you what the website is before you click on it. I like this, but it will also take away the fun mystery and challenge of writing engaging Twitter headlines. On one level it was kind of fun watching everyone in the world become a copywriter for a few seconds when they wrote their shortURL taglines!

Even more exciting are the thumbnail previews for TwitPics. This will show you a small thumbnail of the TwitPic before you click on it- this I like because you can see and share small images as part of your tweets!

The biggest thing that I like is how it integrates with Facebook—you can view Facebook status updates for your friends on TweetDeck. Whoa. You can also choose to have your Twitter updates be posted on your Facebook status.

Another interesting option is that you can automatically include hashtags in reply messages- a good add for every time I have replied to something an affiliate network partner sent me and forgotten the #hashtag, then had to do the same tweet twice just to get it in there.

According to their own blog, TweetDeck drives 8.9% of all tweets on Twitter and is growing at a rate of 32%. It’s a great interface for using Twitter and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet and discussed it in my twitter ebook. Much more accessible when you start following anywhere over a hundred or so people.

The new update was automatic for TweetDeck users or can be downloaded at http://tweetdeck.com.