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Twitter is an essential business tool. For networking and promotions, you can’t beat it. If you aren’t on Twitter, you should get on Twitter. If you are already there, find me: @murraynewlands.

And no matter what, I highly recommend my new Twitter ebook 😉 (http://www.murraynewlands.com/index.php/twitter-ebook/)

It is my comprehensive introduction to how to use and utilize Twitter. If you want to learn how to build a Twitter profile and campaign that can boost your brand, online profile, partnership opportunities and conversion rate for products and services, my Twitter ebook teaches you everything you need to know. I love to use Twitter and think anyone serious about online affiliate marketing will too.

I have done Twitter competitions, met people who I now count as business colleagues and generated a lot of leads. Every Friday on Twitter there is a custom called #followfriday where users will recommend other users to follow. With that in mind, I thought I would take a look at some of the Twitter users who are online affiliates:

Twitter @ffiliates:

@affiliatesummit: I love Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas- great people and a great conference that is growing in attendance and influcence. Hands down, a must follow if you are an affiliate marketer. This is the Twitter account for the Conference created originally to replace Affiliate Force.

@affiliate_Rev: Short for Affiliate Reviews, they review affiliate marketing, internet marketing and online marketing. This user is connected to www.internet-marketing-sales.com, a blog focusing on the same.

@affiliatemarketing: With a tagline like, “Affiliate Marketing is my passion” you know this guy is serious. Connected to Dorst eMarketing in Germany, he offers consistent updates with good article links (though sometime they are in German!)

@affiliates: Just started tweeting again after being a dormant account for awhile. Links he has posted lately are getting better.

@AffiliateTools: An interesting account of someone who is tweeting his attempt to “build an affiliate network from scratch.” Some good links along the way, but mostly this is interesting to anyone who is an experienced affiliate to recognize some familiar steps!

@AffWIn: London-based affiliate network that offers good programs and links.

@AffiliateMoney: This guy is building an affiliate network and posting some good links in the process. Articles that will help you build your own network.

While each of the accounts deserve a look, as for a follow, I recommend:

#followfriday @affiliatesummit

and leave the rest up to you!