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“PARIS (AFP) — A Jamaica-sized ice shelf is close to wrenching itself away from Antarctica, following dramatic weakening of an ice “bridge” linking it to the continent, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported Friday.” AFP

The Wilkins Ice Shelf part of the Antarctic ice shelf has just severed its last links with land and is happily breaking up into lots of icebergs and heading off to sea leaving the Antarctic, once again the map of the Antarctic will have to be redrawn, smaller. The Antarctic body of water locked up in the ice is so big that if it were all to melt sea levels could rise 58 feet.

What amazes me is that this news hits the TV the same day that that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth hit the TV screen following The Day After Tomorrow and it only got a mentioned on the news for all of 30 seconds and then everything moved on. This news should be topping the bill.

What is scary is that every block of floating sea ice like the Wilkins Ice Shelf seems to hold back land based ice which if it all melted from the Antarctic would raise sea levels by 58 feet. Once one bit of ice melts away it can have dramatic consequences for the land ice shelf behind it soon starts to melt too! This time it is not holding back land ice but there are lots of other ice shelf’s that are.

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