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Affiliate forum one of the focal points of the affiliate industry, affiliate marketing being very much as online and social occupation. Affiliate forums enable affiliate merchants and networks to engage on conversation about the industry as well as individual issues. They also provide a social point for many who work a home or in small teams.

Affiliate Forum affiliates4u / a4uforum is run by Matthew Wood a UK affiliate and now uk affiliate event manager and his team of moderators.


I have been a member of the affiliates4u for a number of years not and it proved very influential in my early career in affiliate management. I have attended several of their affiliate forum events as well as running some of my own for members over the years. Matthew Wood known as Matt Wood to his friends is a charming person who has helped to forward the affiliate industry in the UK. It is a great forum, there are some wonderful people on the affiliates4u / a4uforum forum from affiliates’ who do a few hours a week to real super affiliates’. New forum members are given a warm welcome and there are lots of people who give support. It you have a network or affiliate program to promote then this is the place to communicate with UK affiliates. The forum has been well developed over the years to keep up with the development of the web and users expectations Matt has done a great job there. These updated include things such as enabling users to include their Blog RSS feeds in the forum. The affiliates4u expose have also proved a wonderful success.

Affiliate Forum Abestweb which is mainly a US focused affiliate forum run by Haiko de Poel, Jr.


I have also been a member of the Abestweb affiliate forum ABW for many years and have some good friends among its members.  Haiko attends many of the US affiliate summit events and is very helpful and approachable, join the forum and say hello to him. Like the A4U affiliate forum the Abestweb affiliate forum is very welcoming to new members and full of those who as willing to offer help and advice to both new affiliates’ as well as new merchants. The Abestweb forum has not been modified in the way that the A4uforum has been but has stayed true to the original blog formats.

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