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An Interview with Charlotte Muskett of ArmyMomNJ.name and CharlottesTips.net


Tell me about your Blog?

I have several blogs actually. ArmyMomNJ.name which is about my trials and tribulations as an Army mom, CharlottesTips.net where I post recipes and household tips, SouthJerseyFun.com which is a news/travel blog, MyOtherBlankBlog which is my photo blog that I haven’t updated in forever and LakeAncestors which is a diary from 1874 that belonged to my great uncle.

What was your first blog?

ArmyMomNJ.name is my 1st blog that lasted any time. I had a couple earlier blogs that I lost interest in. I started this blog when my daughter joined the army in October 2006. It’s a lot of talking about her, about supporting our troops and a lot about my daily life.

What is the biggest tip you would give to a newbie blogger?

Well.. I blog from heart. I blog about things that are near and dear to me. I would tell a newbie to be true to your heart, blog what you feel and never be false.

What do advertisers do that you wish they wouldn’t?

I wish they wouldn’t leave spam comments on my blog. I get a lot of them and delete them as soon as I see them.

What do bloggers do that you wish they wouldn’t?

I wish that other bloggers, who come and read my blog, would leave comments. I’d love to hear what other bloggers think of my blogs.

Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

What new ideas are advertisers coming up with to take advantage of new trends?

What do you do to improve the world?

I really don’t think I could improve the world, although it does need improving. I have too many other problems in my life to be able to help the world. I’m not being snobbish or mean.. it’s just that I don’t think I have anything worth contributing to improve the world.

What do you do that is green?

I do recycle and have for many years. We recycle our cans, bottles, junk mail, newspapers, etc. I use cloth bags when grocery shopping. I just recently bought a cloth bag from our drug store. I use them all the time. I do try to think of ways to reuse things instead of throwing them out.

What is one thing about you that not many people know?

I’m not real politically minded and I’m an agnostic. I get aggravated at all of the bickering and name calling that goes on in politics and it turns me off.

What’s your favorite book?

I don’t read books much but I love mystery/horror type books the most.

What is on your iPod?

I have a variety of music.. country, classical, oldies, classic rock. I like just about everything except for the screaming music and rap.

What are your contact details (email, company, blog, facebook, myspace, forums, etc)?

My email is: cmuskett at gmail dot com

Blogs: ArmyMomNJ.name, CharlottesTips.net and SouthJerseyFun.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=585299972&ref=profile

Twitter: ArmyMom

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/armymomnj

What events do you go to?

How do you prefer to communicate?

Text, email or twitter… I hate talking on the phone.

Who would you recommend, and why?

These are all military blogs/sites I have come across and really admire.

Soldier’s Angels


Operation Support our Troops

Adopt a Platoon

War on Terror News

US Army blog

Thank A Soldier

Chris (gascat)


Bouhammer’s Afghan Blog

What is one thing people can do for you?

Support and thank our troops every day. They lay down their lives for us.. it’s the least we can do.

Thank you Charlotte Muskett of ArmyMomNJ.name and CharlottesTips.net !