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BlackBerry has a series of apps that make doing business from your mobile easy and efficient. Stockstream Mobile for the BlackBerry provide several great features that can help you keep tabs on the market and any companies or products that are part of your affiliate network. Their information comes straight from Thomson Reuters, so you know it’s good.

Here are the key features:

1. Streaming Stock Quotes
This is a great feature that lets you stream stock quotes to you BlackBerry as they change. In addition, you can see related news and charts about the stocks that you are following and get all kinds of information about Exchange activity from all over the globe. You can even integrate charts and other information that show historical data.

2. Custom Lists
If seeing updates from all of the Exchanges is too much information (or too much of a distraction!) for you, you can customize your list to display only the quotes and related information for stocks that you want to follow. Great feature that can help you personalize the Stockstream app on your BlackBerry.

3. Alerts
If you want to have StockStream going but don’t have time to check it as often as you check your Twitter or Facebook accounts, another great feature is the alert option. You can set up the StockStream app to alert on your BlackBerry whenever there is a relevant change to the stock market.

If keeping up with the stock market is part of your day, doing it with StockStream for the BlackBerry is a fantastic app. And if instant access to stock information that lets you trade in real-time along with Wall Street is part of your stock trading strategy, I highly recommend it.