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The BlackBerry is one of the most powerful, versatile phones on the market. In the world of social media marketing and affiliate management challenges, a mobile needs to do so much more than just make calls. Your mobile needs to be nothing short of a portable computer, a miniature laptop—a way to stay connected across all of your social media accounts and channels with the power to keep tabs on your affiliate marketing efforts. BlackBerry does a great job of all of that and has a slew of new Apps that are great for affiliate marketing and social media account management. One great App is called Whrrl.

Whrrl is an app for the BlackBerry smartphone that takes data from your real-life and connects it to online and smartphone databases of points of interest around the U.S. It is a powerful app that connects your social life with your location. In essence, Whrrl is a social network with multiple purposes: Reviews, Maps and Keyword searches for local spots. In the end, the purpose is for you to be able to share your thoughts on each place with your Whrrl friends.

Whrrl users share opinions and data about local spots (restaurants, bars, stores, hotels) that can go public or just to their Whrrl friends. The app also enables an interactive map from Google that has a map of local spots that you can click on for reviews. Map dots also indicate positive or negative tendencies in the reviews.

Other features include telling stories with pictures you’ve taken, posting images and receiving friend alerts on your mobile, and Whrrl intends to allow you to track your friends, with their permission, by GPS.

There are over 6.5 million possibilities for location recommendations, so you’ll never get bored and you’ll always find something that matches your interests or needs. With so many Affiliate Conferences, from PPC Conference in New York to the Affiliate Summit Conference.

Whrrl is a great social application that gets your opinions and influence out there and helps you out when you are traveling!