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There are so many ways to get your BlackBerry to work for you- do more, be more efficient and get it all done smoothly. If you are busy with all that there is to do for affiliate marketing, keeping in touch with an affiliate network or keeping up with affiliate program management, it’s hard to find the time and energy to keep up with what’s going on all over the Internet.

Viigo is the ideal RSS reader for the BlackBerry that gives you everything you want. It is free, fast and easy to personalize. Version 3.0 comes with added features for managing your stock portfolio and checking your flight status.
Viigo is available through the BlackBerry App World. Once you have Viigo you can create your login from your BlackBerry. Once you begin there is a Channel Library where you can choose from the different channels based on what kind of blogs you want to get—you can even import lists from other web-based RSS feeders.

It has a smooth interface with icons at the bottom of the screen allowing you to: 1. Send the article on email 2. Send it to yourself 3. Tweet or Del.icio.us, 4. Display full article 5. Display full web page. You can click straight from one story to the next and the display ads don’t get in your way.

Viigo makes for easy reading, and a huge advantage is that all of your content loads to Viigo so you don’t have to wait for each blog to load AND it stays there without your mobile signal so you can read anywhere- plane or underground.
With these great features, Viigo is the way to go for anyone with a BlackBerry and a need for news and blogs.