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Ebooks are fast becoming a new medium for publishing and information. From personal branding to “How To…” books, ebooks are an emerging form of building an online reputation and a great way to be part of the emerging green economy. Ebooks are inexpensive to create, easy to distribute, and have a low carbon footprint.

So how do you incorporate you Ebook as part of your affiliate marketing program, or as part of any marketing program? A few thoughts:

1.    Website Menu Bar
The first place your new Ebook should go is on the menu bar of your personal website or blog. Even if you have published many Ebooks, putting them on the menu bar of your website or blog keeps them prominent in the eyes of your visitors. This way if someone comes to your website for contact information or to read a new blog post, they will also be exposed to the fact that you have an Ebook- and it’s important enough for you to feature it along with the other main content on your website.

2.    Web/ Blog Samples
Offering a sample chapter or sample pieces of your Ebook on your website or blog is great way to get people reading your Ebook. If they like what they read, they will want more. Even if they don’t buy or download the book, they will remember what you wrote and it increases your reputation. Rather than leaving your site knowing that you wrote an Ebook and forgetting what it was about, they will leave having learned something: Adding value is a great way to establish your online reputation and get return traffic.

3.    Blog Reviews
With the importance of the online community in all kinds of information travel and online promotion, it is a must that you get your Ebook reviewed on some blogs. Look for people who write about topics that overlap with what your Ebook is about, even if it isn’t exactly the same topic. Sending your Ebook for review may also get a mention in other articles that those bloggers write- and it gets them to remember your name when they are thinking about who to contact for future articles.

4.    Twitter
Twitter has many uses, and Twitter is great for Ebook promotion. Launching your Ebook on Twitter will get you out to a huge audience, and you can target specific niche audiences that identify as part of your targeted readership. The prospect of having a link to samples or to the book page itself get to thousands of Followers is powerful enough, but on Twitter things get ReTweeted- this can grow your audience exponentially.

5.    Landing Pages
If you are selling your Ebook, you need a good landing page. The landing page will give you a chance to build interest in someone who has already responded positively to the topic or title of your Ebook. The landing page should be slightly different than product landing pages- it should focus on how the Ebook will add value to the life of its reader and feature reviews rather than testimonials.

With writing an Ebook being as accessible to anyone using the web as it is, now is the time to become an author. Marketing that Ebook can have benefits beyond profit in the world of online and social networking- Start Writing!