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Twitter constantly grows and evolves. New apps respond to Twitter user needs and increase the functionality of Twitter as an interface. Here are some of the recent Twitter apps and how they could benefit affiliate marketing or an affiliate program management team:

Twitority – Using specific keywords, this Twitter app enables you to determine who is deemed most authoritative for those keywords. If you are looking for promotional or lead generation strategies, connecting with the users who have “authority” around keywords associated with your product is valuable.

JustTweetIt – This Twitter app allows you to search for friends with shared interests and stay advised of new Twitter tools. Great for list building or affiliate recruitment.

Twtpoll – This Twitter app lets you create easy poll questions with answer options. A great way to do some research leading up to a product launch.

Twopolar – This Twitter app will tell you what is “trending” on Twitter over a chosen time period- everything from the last 2 hours to an entire month. Ideal for research into how to time a product launch or affiliate campaign.

MyCleenr – This Twitter app allows you to sort Followers based on recent tweets and delete inactive accounts that you are Following. A good tool for general maintenance of your Twitter account.

Tweetube – If you utilize video as part of your affiliate marketing program, this Twitter app is a great way to get YouTube videos out fast and easy.

TwitterSheep –  Simply, this Twitter app creates a word cloud of your tweets. Good for analysis and planning around tweet keywords.

TweetBackup – More of a Twitter service, TweetBackup allows you to back up your Twitter history and restore your account if it crashes. The only catch is you have to be a consistent user to restore it before Twitter deletes your account.

Tweetabix – Ideal for researching and keeping up with Twitter, this app keeps an archive of Twitter user interviews. Again, good for researching recent thought around Twitter.

Who Follows Whom – Another Twitter research tool that can be powerful for list-building and lead generation, this Twitter app allows you to find out the Followers up any 5 Twitter users as well as who they those 5 users Follow.