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If you haven’t checked out the TweetStats Twitter app yet, you need to (right after you finish this article). TweetStats is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: It gives you great statistics about your Twitter use, and about Twitter in general.

All you have to do is type in your Twitter name and in a few minutes TweetStats will bring up graphs (which are easy to read and colorful) that show your: Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, Tweet timeline and Reply statistics.

It’s fun to look at, bottom line. And if you are in affiliate marketing, this can be an amazing tool. You can see what keywords you use, what words you use the most and where you will be found on TweetSearch, and vividly show you where your blank spots on the Twitter timeline are. The one drawback is that it takes a few minutes to create your graphs—factor that in when you visit the site.

The site even has some great stats about Twitter in general that give you a fun overall picture of Twitter. There are graphs of the current Twitter trends and graphs about who is getting the most @messages. There is even an “All-time” Trend Cloud. Guess what’s #1? Looks like it’s iPhone with Christmas and Obama close behind. Other notables are Apple, Sarah Palin and #tcot.

TweetStats is easy to use, free, and could lead to some great insights or ideas for anyone in digital marketing or affiliate program management.