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With all of the new London website design companies, how do you know where to turn and who to talk to? Website design is one of the fastest growing trades and just because someone was great 2 years ago doesn’t mean they are the go to website design company right now.

So if you are looking for a London website design company, what do you look for?

Here are some key factors:

Good website design makes something easy for visitors to navigate and, if it is an ecommerce site, something easy for visitors to use and purchase from. Sounds easy, right? The key here is to make sure you see examples of past work. Go and try out previous examples of their website design to see if it matches the kind of usability you are looking for.

Visual Appeal:
Website design and the web in general are a visual medium. You need to have something less crowded than a MySpace page but more interesting than Facebook. If your site is all about content delivery, the website design needs to be something people find appealing and can easily read the text or view the images/ videos. And again, if your site is for ecommerce, it is your storefront and salesperson. Make sure your website design looks like a place you want to buy something from.

The days of static website design are long gone. In the world of social media where things change quickly and this morning can sometimes seem like last week, it is important for your website design to be creative and fresh. This means looking for a company that will not only design a website that is creative at the outset, but looking for a company that is willing and able to do consistent creative updates.

London website design is growing along with website design everywhere. While these are website design basics, make sure you have those basics covered when you do your website design hunt!