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Social media and the BlackBerry: As different app developers are working (thank you!) to develop quality apps to use on your mobile to keep up with all of the social media channels, there are a few that rise to the top. SocialScope is a great interface for tracking and updating your social media presence and a huge advantage if you are involved with affiliate marketing.

SocialScope is easy to use and does great with both Twitter and Facebook, enabling you to update your status on one or both of the social media channels and the features go way beyond what TwitterBerry allows you to do. It integrates with the BlackBerry Address Book and Calendar, which is a great feature that makes it even more vital for keeping all of your scheduling and communication on the same page.

Here are some of the key features in SocialScope:

1. Twitter/ Facebook Status Management
With SocialScope you can view and update your status and pictures for both Twitter and Facebook. Not much more to say about that other than: Fantastic.

2. Integrate Address Book/ Calendar
This feature integrates your schedule with your communication and makes the BlackBerry a full virtual assistant vehicle. You can also set it up to save social media contact information and view address book updates.

3. Twitter Search
While this may not seem as big as being able to update your status or integrate with your calendar, SocialScope enables you to search #hashtag topics on the site through your BlackBerry and highlights them on your screen. Great feature that makes the SocialScope App all the more useful when following what is going on with Twitter throughout your day.

4. Custom Tabs
Another great feature that lets you tab specific people on your contact list so that you can keep up with their @replies, DM’s and updates.

Other features like spell-check, keypad shortcut support, a specific DM screen and TwitPic support round out the great interface form SocialScope. You can even use bit.ly to shorten URL’s for your tweets.
SocialScope does cost money, but there is also a “lite” version that does a great job with all of your social media channels as well. You can learn more about SocialScope or request SocialScope Lite at: http://www.socialscope.net/

If you are unhappy with your current BlackBerry social media app, SocialScope may be just the thing you need.

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