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BlackBerry Apps: WorldMate Live

BlackBerry Apps help make life easier. Yesterday I wrote about how to get all the music you ever wanted through your phone- now you can take one of the most formidable beasts of all- the airport- with nothing but your phone. It’s like having a secretary, a travel assistant and a travel agent all in one, and they being able to carry those divergent skills around in your pocket, without having to think about them at all. BlackBerry Apps like this make me wish the phone were bigger so I could hug it.

WorldMate Live does what no other online travel service (and often, no other travel agent) will do- take into account your existing transportation, lodging and already scheduled meetings information. It basically helps you keep everything straight and keep you moving smoothly through your entire trip.

Extra features include:
• Time Zone Calculator
• Currency Converter
• Weather Conditions
• Local Phone Directories

It also integrates seamlessly with BlackBerry Maps- you have to love when the company is together enough to integrate BlackBerry Apps with each other.

To top all the usability off, WorldMate Live actually looks great. Fun and colourful features that picks up the pretty where other BlackBerry Apps tend to drop the basic and ugly. You can also tell that WorldMate Live was built for the BlackBerry, a welcome change from other BlackBerry apps that are imported from other platforms.

You can download a free version of WorldMate Live here:

BlackBerry Apps: WorldMate Live

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