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SplitTweet is a Twitter app that enables you to manage multiple Twitter accounts through one interface. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, this is a valuable tool.

In a recent post I wrote about the advantages of having multiple Twitter accounts if you are part of an affiliate program management team and how that can increase your effectiveness and clarity in communication with an affiliate network. If this is you, I recommend checking out SplitTweet as a great way to manage your Twitter presence across multiple accounts. A tool like this will increase efficiency, save you time, and allow you to both monitor all of your accounts at once with the option of tweeting specific information to specific audiences.

On their homepage (http://splitweet.com/) they describe their service this way:

1. All your accounts, one place.
2. Follow your contacts’ tweets easily.
3. Monitor your brand & reply.

Their website is straightforward and easy to use, as is the installation process for SplitTweet.

It is notable that SplitTweet touts their role as part of your “brand.” Branding is fast becoming an indispensable buzz word for how a person or company crafts their online reputation. In addition to being a valuable tool for affiliate program management teams with multiple accounts, a tool like SplitTweet empowers users to cultivate multiple angles through digital marketing or focus on different areas within a larger affiliate network.
You can learn more or download SplitTweet at: http://splitweet.com/