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T-Shirt Affiliate Program – MyRockCity – Exclusive Music Inspired Fashion – You Rock

Today the postman came with a little surprise! A t-shirt from the MyRockCity.com T-Shirt Affiliate Program.

This is me using my xshotpix.com

You can see how cool you can look in it!
They describe it as
“Disturbia T-shirt – Evolution (Blue)
Casual fitted mens T-shirt from Disturbia clothing. Stand out with this royal blue tee with a large chest print. ”

What a agreat T-Shirt Affiliate Program. Putting it on even if I do say so myself I look better in real life than in the photo. I like the cool design and the quality is excellent. MyRockCity thank you very much for sending it to me as you have seen from my hair and wardrobe I am very particular about what I was and this one will be seeing lots of use.

Join th MyRockCity T-Shirt Affiliate Program

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