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Twitter Apps: Who Should I Follow?

Twitter Apps like Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite help you manage your Twitter Followers, and we can all find countless people offering ways to grow the number of our Twitter Followers. One thing you don’t find a lot of Twitter apps for is how to find new people that YOU should Follow. Enter one of the best Twitter apps I have found lately: Who Should I Follow?

Who Should I Follow? will help you in your quest to Follow the people you should be Following. Basically, this Twitter app analyzes who is Following you, who you are Following, and makes suggestions for who you should Follow based on a variety of criteria (namely popularity and physical location).

Unlike other Twitter apps, you don’t have to enter your personal password, just your username, which makes it an easy choice to try out. If you go to http://whoshouldifollow.com and type in your username, you will get something that looks like this:


The biggest benefit to this list is finding other interesting people to Follow on Twitter that you know match up well with your interests, and you have the added bonus of evaluating their Twitter popularity and location. As my first recommendation was Shawn Collins, I can see it’s a pretty effective tool. (Note: This is his old account and if you squint you can see that he is asking everyone to follow him another account, @affiliatetip, which I also recommend you Follow!)

If you are looking to raise your visibility, find other Tweeple in your area, or just grow your Twitter effectiveness by Following quality people, Who Should I Follow? stands out amont available Twitter Apps.

Who Should I Follow? Is run by Gary Elliott (@gary), Mike Champion (@graysky) & Aaron Cohen (@unlikelywords). You can find Who Should I Follow? on Twitter at @wsif.

Twitter Apps: Who Should I Follow?