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uSocial Affiliate Program Goes Live!

uSocial, the Internet’s most innovative marketing that enables customers to buy Twitter followers in addition to unlimited press release distribution and automatic social bookmarking services, has created an affiliate program to promote their buy Twitter followers service.

uSocial Buy Twitter Followers service is not offered by anyone else on the web so this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a new Twitter affiliate program before it starts to get big and everyone else is doing it!

Anyone working with affiliate marketing on Twitter knows that your income is directly related to the size of your audience, and uSocial’s Buy Twitter Followers service gets right to the point. Customers can purchase anywhere from 1,000 Twitter Followers for $87 to 25,000 for $869.75 (with current discount), or even more.

They will begin by paying 20% on all sales of products and services.

To sign-up, find banner ads, or find out more information, go here:

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