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Celebrity Blogger in social media, Celebrity Blogger Murray Newlands

The concept of celebrity changes depending on the context. Most people I think would classify a celebrity as someone that everyone else has heard of or knows about. Maybe someone you can recognize in a picture. But in my travels I know of plenty of celebrities on either side of the pond that are household names where they come from and virtually unknown in the other country.

What about the nature of a celebrity in the social media sphere? What does it mean to be an online celebrity, or a celebrity blogger? Do I qualify as a celebrity blogger? I wanted to find this out.

I was recently invited to do an interview with Doug Richard as part of his School for Startups where I talked about social media and affiliate marketing. Doug Richard was one of the original Dragons from the Dragon’s Den TV series, and The Doug Richard School for Startups provides expert classes on how to start a new business, finance and investment, product management, managing successful teams and entrepreneurial marketing.

doug richard

Myself, Doug and the audience of 150 discussed their companies and how affiliate marketing might work for them. It was a time for quick thinking and straight answers. It was great being part of quality learning and conversation in the startup business world. Does that make me a celebrity blogger?

And if I am able to see other blog posts about me in other blogs that I respect and read like AdRants and FeedFront, does the publicity alone make me a celebrity blogger?

I just cracked 32,000 Followers on Twitter, and as Twitter is technically a micro-blogging service, does that qualify me as a celebrity blogger?

Perhaps in the social media sphere, where community, conversation and connection is everything, the concept of celebrity doesn’t apply. Or maybe it is the way we all take the word celebrity, with the dose of self-importance. I looked up a few words to see how Dictionary.com would classify a celebrity blogger.

According to them, celebrity is defined as, “1. a famous or well-known person.”

Hmmm. Well known in the sense of Facebook connections and Twitter followers, yes- well known in the sense of blog readership, well, yes.

But famous? Again, I looked it up. Famous is defined as, “having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature.”

And, I would say I have a widespread reputation of a favorable nature.

So, can I reach my goal of being a famous blogger and a celebrity blogger? According to Dictionary.com, I am proud to find that I am becoming a well-known person with a widespread reputation of a favorable nature in the blog world. But using the term celebrity blogger doesn’t mean much on its own- continuing to grow the relationships I have started with other bloggers and social media people, having new, interesting and meaningful conversations with other bloggers and social media practitioners, and being part of the blogging and social media communities that I have joined is the real benefit to being a celebrity blogger (meaning, a well-known blogger with a widespread reputation of a favorable nature). Now that’s a celebrity blogger.

Celebrity Blogger in social media, Celebrity Blogger Murray Newlands
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