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Content Affiliate, Content Affiliate in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates have traditionally been viewed as content affiliates who are website owners with a website or blog about a subject- for example, books. Affiliates wrote about a book and would offer the reader the opportunity to go to the purchase website. Content affiliates have evolved with affiliate marketing.

Content affiliates have traditionally worked with banners and tested links on their websites to drive traffic to affiliate merchants’ websites.

Content affiliates are now increasingly collecting email lists and many will have new letters which they can use to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing programmes.

A content affiliate could be a one man band with a blog about a very niche subject such as their band. Some of these affiliates can be very small revenue generators. There are however content affiliate bloggers who drive thousands of pounds or dollars of sales per month. There is also an increasingly large number of very large content affiliates who were traditional publishers selling advertising that now also use affiliate links.

Content affiliates may also be able to take a feed of products from your website and integrate those products into their website. You can then provide them with dynamic content updates to make sure that they are featuring your latest products. Content Affiliates benefit from the updated content you provide for their websites.

Skimlinks? There is a company called Skimlinks which enables website owners to add a simple code (5 lines of java script) to their sites to add affiliate links to all their pages.

Content Affiliate, Content Affiliate in Affiliate Marketing
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