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Famous People on Twitter, Famous People on Twitter and their Continuing Effect

Famous People on Twitter continue to change the way social media, the Internet and our own personal online experiences play out. I’ve already written about the phenomenon of famous people on twitter and the effect of famous people on twitter have on online marketing, how the influence of celebrity changes how online marketing works and the ways that celebrities and famous people are using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

1. Visibility
Famous people on twitter have brought recognition and notoriety. Would Twitter be as explosively popular right now if it weren’t for the Oprah effect? That is debatable- it’s doubtless one of the reasons Twitter has grown so quickly is that people who know a lot of people started Twittering. The thousands of people who looked at Twitter for the first time because Oprah talked about it cannot be underestimated- but if you went to Twitter because of the celebrity factor, chances are you were looking for more of that celebrity factor. The famous people on twitter who were already there made just as much of a difference with their influence. And Ashton Kutcher’s race with CNN to 1 million Followers brought an incredible amount of Visitibility to Twitter- any other two profiles racing to, say, 100,000 Followers even wouldn’t have been mentioned on the news.

2. Hierarchy
Famous people on Twitter means higher follower numbers for those celebrities. And on Twitter, Followers is the guiding metric of choice (though some would argue for number of conversations or number of RT’s). With all of the new people joining Twitter, they created the “suggested people to follow” list that appears as part of the welcome screen service when a new user signs up. Suddenly, the largest conversation in the world had a hierarchy. PR people started wondering how to get on that list- people on that list were viewed as representatives of how to Twitter. There was, for the first time, a type of hierarchy.

3. Press
Famous people on twitter bring consistent press to the service- in fact, they have contributed to bringing the press itself onto Twitter. The use of twitter by mainstream media, not only for getting stories out there but also for finding stories and keeping up with breaking news in real-time from real people is due in no small part to famous people on twitter.

Twitter is becoming more natural and typical, and so the effect of famous people on Twitter isn’t driving growth like it was earlier in the year, but continued use of Twitter by celebrities and other famous people will continue to lend credibility and relevance to the microblogging service as it continues to entrench itself in the new Internet culture.

Famous People on Twitter, Famous People on Twitter and their Continuing Effect
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