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Politicians on Facebook, Top 10 Politicians on Facebook

With the emergence of Facebook as a powerful social media outlet, politicians all over the world are starting to utilize the network. While the U.S. politicians involved with the recent 2008 election campaign were the first to harness the power and continue to dominate the top ten, there are many others making a name. Note: I left off doubles and organizations)

Top 10 Politicians on Facebook:

1. U.S. President Barack Obama: 6,480,000+ Supporters (Fans)
After successfully utilizing various social media outlets, Obama continues to keep supporters updated with at least weekly NOTES and videos about what he and his administration are up to.

2. Mustafa Kemal: 884,000+ Supporters
According to Wikipedia: “Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881- 1938) was a Turkish army officer, revolutionary statesman, and founder of the Republic of Turkey as well as its first President.” And he’s the second most popular politician on Facebook.

3. Sarah Palin: 676,000+ Supporters
Exiting Alaska Governor and Hopeful heir to the Republican presidential nomination, Palin’s page is managed by PR people, unlike her personal Twitter account. Recent NOTES are all centered around defensive/clarifying information about the Legal Defense Fund ethics charges she is facing.

4. John McCain: 533,000+ Supporters
McCain posts frequently, sometimes more than once/ day, NOTES about what he is doing in the senate. Gets comments going both ways. One of the better people using social media for politics.

5. Michelle Obama: 521,000+ Supporters
Not a true politician but part of the U.S. First Family, Michelle Obama, she used the Page a lot during the Presidential campaign but has not posted since October 2008.

6. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: 397,000+ Supporters
President of Indonesia, the page itself is pretty active but he has only one post from May 1, 2009.

7. Leonardo Farkas, “El candidato 2.0 para una nueva politica en Chile”: 303,000+ Supporters
He makes frequent posts and gets lots of comments, living up to his billing as “Candidate 2.0 for Chile.”

8. Nelson Mandela: 197,000+ Supporters
Lots of fan chatter but Mandela has not done any updates to the Wall. One update saying he participated in one of the Discussions. Looks like all activity is July, 2009.

9. Joe Biden: 189,000+ Supporters
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden used Facebook as part of the presidential campaign and there are no new Wall posts since August of 2008.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 181,000+ Supporters
Frequent updates from the Governor himself- all surrounding his being governor and politics. Fans have posted plenty of old body builder photos, too.

Politicians on Facebook, Top 10 Politicians on Facebook

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