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Search Engine Optimisation Ireland, Krisi Edmonds, Bargra an mini Interview

I meet Krisi Edmonds of www.bagra.ie yesterday at Pubcon London. Krasi told me that she had come from Dublin Ireland for the Pubcon event because there just was not the same community in Ireland and that you had to come to this event in London to get the same experience and to be able to network with experts in her field. Krasi explained that one of the advantages about doing search engine optimization in Ireland is that you are one of few competition experts in your field and this meant that you could chose the work you wanted and turn away the work that you did not want and that you ended up working with a wide variety of clients. The challenge of being one of the few experts in search engine optimization in Dublin is that there are few people to get together with to bounce ideas off in real life and to socialize with people in your niche. I was glad she thought it was worth it having travelled all that way, it shows commitment to her work.

Search Engine Optimisation Ireland, Bargra