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Sky Digital digital TV, digital TV, digital TV Affiliate Program Review

Sky Digital is the market leading digital TV provider in the UK. Sky currently has over 8.1 million subscribers and with our leading coverage of sports, movies and top entertainment programmes we know this will keep growing. Sky also offer fantastic Phone and Broadband as part of their See, Speak, Surf packages

Sky Digital digital TV, digital TV, digital TV Affiliate Program overview:


Category – Commission Group – Commission Amount

New Customer (Base) – £0.00
Sky+ – £0.00
Sky HD – £0.00
2xFreeStandardSkyBoxes – £40.00
2xSky+Boxes – £40.00
2xSky+HDBoxes – £100.00
FreeStandardSkyBox – £40.00
FreeStandardSkyBoxAndSky+Box – £40.00
FreeStandardSkyBoxAndSky+HDBox – £40.00
Sky+Box – £40.00
Sky+BoxAndFreeStandardSkyBox – £40.00
Sky+BoxAndSky+HDBox – £40.00
Sky+HDBox – £100.00
Sky+HDBoxAndFreeStandardSkyBox – £100.00
Sky+HDBoxAndSky+Box – £100.00

Entertainment Packs:
KIDSPACK – £0.00
NEWSPACK – £0.00

Talk Packages:

Premium Packs:
SkyMovies1 – £0.00
SkyMovies2 – £0.00
SkySports1 – £0.00
SkySports2 – £0.00

Action Referral Period: 30 days
Average Validation time is online

Why join the Sky Digital digital TV, digital TV, digital TV Affiliate Program?

Sky offers outstanding creative and recourses.

Digital TV: From the 1st of July the standard installation costs will only be £30 across all products: Standard Sky, Sky+, and even HD Sky+ subscription is now absolutely free for new customers or customers with Movies or Sports

Broadband: Home installation will now cost only £50 for all Broadband customers regardless of which product they buy

Sky TV – Join Sky and get over 100 digital TV channels (plus over 200 other free to air digital radio and TV channels), super-fast broadband and free UK evening and weekend landline calls. All this for just £26* a month, plus a one-off broadband activation fee of £20 (plus £11 per month to BT for your line rental.)
*Subject to availability in your area What do you get?

Sky TV – all six Entertainment Mixes bringing you digital channels dedicated to the best in variety, knowledge, style and culture, news and events, music and kid’s programmes.

Sky Broadband – with super-fast download speeds of up to 8Mb** and a monthly usage allowance of 40GB – ideal for everyday browsing, and downloading music and movies, with a FREE Wireless Sky Router.

Sky Digital digital TV, digital TV, digital TV Affiliate Program Info:

Email: [email protected]
Richard Plumridge
Eva Magnusson Bowring
Email & MSN: [email protected]

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Sky Digital digital TV, digital TV, digital TV Affiliate Program Review