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Tether your BlackBerry to your Mac BlackBerry App

BlackBerry Apps help make your BlackBerry even more powerful, and whether you are in affiliate marketing and need a highly functional smart phone or you are one of the growing ranks of social media addicts who want to be connected at all times, the BlackBerry is an essential tool. There are endless debates over whether the BlackBerry or the iPhone is the best smart phone out there- in the end it doesn’t matter too much which one you have as long as you are harnessing the power of one of the smartphones.

The new iPhone is touting its ability to tether it to your Mac, and while the iPhone may have the hype, the BlackBerry has had this tethering ability for some time. With your BlackBerry you can actually configure it to browse the Internet with your Mac. If you have the Leopard OS you can tether your BlackBerry Bold or BlackBerry Curve 8900 on a 8800 modem driver. Depending on your service provider, you may need to pay a little extra for a plan that allows you to tether to your Mac in order to avoid overage charges.

While this isn’t a pure BlackBerry App, it is a powerful BlackBerry application that extends the usability of your smart phone.

To make it happen on your BlackBerry, add your BlackBerry as a device inside the Bluetooth setup. Then set your BlackBerry as a Discoverable device.

Then configure your Mac- download and install the BlackBerry modem scripts for OS X. Select Bluetooth under your System Preferences, and select Set up Bluetooth Device, and mobile phone as the type of device.

To continue, enter the passkey into your BlackBerry and accept the connection request from your computer. Click the box that says Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection and enter the appropriate username/ password/ phone number.

Under network preferences, choose your network and click Plus: Interface: Bluetooth, and name your service, then enter the username/ password/ phone number again. Under Advanced, choose Research in Motion and your BlackBerry model, and I recommend Ignore dial tone when dialing. Then save all settings.

Then enable Bluetooth on both your phone and computer and set up each to connect to each other and you are set.

Tether your BlackBerry to your Mac BlackBerry App

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