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The Slice London, The Slice London introduction

The Slice are and have been one of the UK’s Leading financial affiliate networks for the last few years, describing themselves as a “The Pay By Results Advertising Agency..For over 16 years, The Slice Ltd has been providing powerful and cost-effective marketing for its clients.”

The Slice London is a new franchise of the The Slice lead by Managing Director Ian Elwes. Ian has a great team in Corin Vestey and Jackie Falls and I am sure that with the backing of the The Slice they will become a great business.

Ian Elwes
Managing Director
The Slice (London)
T: 020 8741 1838 F: + 44 (0) 20 8181 6503

Corin Vestey
The Slice (London)
T: 0208 846 9071 F: 0208 181 6503

Jackie Falls
Campaign Manager
The Slice (London)
T: 0208 741 0323 F: 0208 181 6503
W: theslice.directtrack.com

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