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Top 10 China Blogs and Top Ten China Blogs Review

China is all over the news right now- want to know the latest? Check out these Chinese blogs (all written in English):

Top 10 China Blogs

1. Angry Chinese Blogger

“The news and views about China that the big media can’t, or won’t, tell you.” Great critical analysis of politics and breaking news about China.

2. Blue China
“On and off the road encounters with people in China.” Great storytelling that tells individual stories of people the blogger meets on Chinese travels.

3.Wang Jian Shuo Blog
You need to read this. The blog self-bills as, “Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others’)” and it is a blog in the true diary tradition. 1 million + page views per month.

4. Sublime and Beautiful
Great blog mostly about politics, world affairs and economics. “The mission of Sublime and Beautiful is to create and add to debate on the defining issues of our day.”

5. Shanghai Tales
Just like it says, this blog is about telling stories the blogger lives in and around Shanghai. From the funny to the insightful, sometimes at the same time.

6. Boom Beijing
Written by Beijing food and beverage industry journalists, this blog is about how Beijingers love to eat and drink. “…a narrative of the city’s gastronomical endeavors, and in doing so, to entertain and enlighten those of us who live, eat, drink, and play in China’s culinary capital with honest and helpful information on enjoying our environment.

7. Absurdity, Allegory and China
Intelligent stories, commentary and insight from someone living in Tianjin for the past decade.

8. Talk China Talk
Says it all on the home page: “Anglosaxon & North-American diarrhea – recycled, perfumed and bottled. For your convenience. Having a bad “China day”? If so then you’ve come to the right place. This is where we come to just let all out.”

9. The Wang Way In
Fun social and political commentary from Alex in Nanchang.

10. In Which I Move to China
A very heart-on-the-sleeve travelers blog who moved to China, now traveling throughout Asia.

Top 10 China Blogs and Top Ten China Blogs Review

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