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Top 10 Food Blogs: The Most Popular Top 10 Food Blogs Review

What’s better than sitting down to enjoy an amazing meal? Reading about amazing food and daydreaming about your next amazing meal! Here are the best:
Top 10 Food Blogs:

1. Serious Eats
A great blog for food lovers who want to learn about where and what to eat in and around NYC. http://www.seriouseats.com/

2. Chez Pim
Amazing blog from a Thai chef living in San Francisco. She has been featured across the media and this blog is a journal of her food and dining exploits around the globe. http://chezpim.typepad.com/

3. About.com Food Blog
They definitely got the choice name and it lives up to it- full of passion for food and full of the dinner adventures of the blogger, it’s a great way to learn about the whole experience of eating out at fine restaurants. AND there are links to every food blog worth reading. http://gourmetfood.about.com/

4. Deep End Dining
Very hip, very food, very coastal. Great food blog from NYC and LA writers that keeps you updated on the stimulating happenings in and around the dining capitals.

5. Andrew & Karen’s Web Log
Authors of Dining Out and The New American Chef, this blog is the magnificent teamworkd of Blog Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page (husband and wife). Awesome running journal of their dining out experiences! http://www.becomingachef.com/blog.dwt.php

6. Kate Hill’s French Kitchen Adventures
Her site says it all: Writing and teaching in France is an edible project working with my neighbors, the good farmers and artisan food producers of Southwest France— the people who turn dirt into food.

7. A Hamburger Today
For the pure American love of it: A Hamburger Today (a la Wimpy!) is about the search for the world’s best hamburger. A collaborative effort of NYC and LA authors, they find some great burgers and tell some great stories. http://aht.seriouseats.com/

8. Cornichon
Out of Seattle, Cornichon is the online presence of blogger Ronald Holden who covers everything food in and around Seattle. http://www.cornichon.org/

9. Cooking Fire
This one takes food to the next level- the author travels the world discovering the craft of making fine food and the stories that come with every meal.

10. Michael Ruhlman
After starting out writing about the methods of the Culinary Institute, Ruhlman has continues to get “carried away” about food- and it’s great to read about.

Top 10 Food Blogs: The Most Popular Top 10 Food Blogs Review

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